Struggling with Shadowban on Twitter?

I spent the last hours studying how to fix it, so you don't have to.

Here's what you MUST know πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡πŸ»

First, let's define what a shadowban is. It refers to the partial or total restriction of your content, without your knowledge.

Unlike an official ban, you can still post tweets and comment, but Twitter's shadowban makes your tweets practically invisible to the public.

There are different types of shadowbans, varying in severity and resolution timelines, which we'll explain in detail:
πŸ” Search suggestion ban
πŸ” Search ban
πŸ‘» Ghost ban
πŸ”‡ No reply deboosting ban


It means you are invisible on Twitter's search bar and your friends can't manually find you.
This hampers follower growth and limits your reach on the platform.

Typically, SSB lasts 24-72 hours, but it can extend up to a week in certain cases.


Unlike an SSB, a search ban blocks our entire account from search results, including tweets and multimedia. It also keeps our content hidden from timelines.
While an SSB is milder and easier to resolve, a search ban can take over 2 weeks to fix. πŸ˜”


This is the worst of its kind. Nobody can see your activities or even search your handle. You're effectively invisible to others. This type of ban often stems from excessive tweeting/following.
The duration varies, but it's typically not less than 72 hours.


When Twitter detects harmful behavior, they hide the replies from the accounts involved. These replies are placed under "show more replies".
This ban reduces your visibility and reach.
Deleting all flagged tweets should remove it soon.

To check if you're shadowbanned, you can use a Twitter Shadowban Tester.

Two popular options are:


Both tools are quite similar and offer visibility for all ban categories, but the second one, Shadow Bird, provides a more comprehensive analysis.

In fact, it also provides the tweet link for reply deboosting, allowing you to remove it promptly if necessary.

Once you identify the issue, there are only 2 paths.

The first one is to STOP.
Log out of Twitter on all devices, and wait for a resolution. Monitor your status using those tools. It may take a day or a week. Arm yourself with patience and plan your comeback content.

The second path is to continue tweeting through the shadowban, which may be sensible for big accounts with high daily reply volumes.

However, it's generally not recommended as your reach is severely limited, with almost zero chance of reaching new people.

If days or even weeks go by without the situation resolving, then contact Twitter Support and ask them for help! πŸ™

You might need a miracle at this point! πŸ˜…

Now let's dive into the most interesting part: how to avoid shadowban and practical tips you can implement.

I've identified 5 that could work well for your situation.

Quality over Quantity ✨

Focus on creating high-quality content that resonates with your audience rather than bombarding them with frequent but low-value posts. You should probably reduce your β€œengagement farming” tweets.

Limit Hashtags ⚠️

Hashtags are not as impactful on Twitter as they used to be, but many still use them to boost awareness.
The key here is simple: avoid excessive usage and ensure they are relevant to the context. Using too many hashtags can be perceived as spammy.

Know your circle🎯

It's crucial to value your interactions. Stop commenting on "influencers" who never engage back or even like your comments. Twitter may perceive this as spam.

Focus on genuine connections that reciprocate engagement.

Analytic Approach πŸ“Š

Start tracking your activity, including nr of replies you make per day and even within an hour.
A high volume of comments within a short period can lead to a shadowban.
Monitor your engagement patterns and ensure a balanced pace of interaction.

Here are some helpful metrics:

For newer accounts, it's safe to stay in the range of 200 replies. Going beyond that increases the risk of a shadowban. Additionally, the nr of replies within a shorter time frame matters. To be safe, aim for about 50 replies per hour MAX.

Avoid Engagement Chats 🚫

It's best to avoid them altogether. If you must use them, make sure you and others in the group are following each other.
Twitter finds it suspicious if you constantly interact with each other without following.
They have a valid point here.

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