Ready to build your brand and develop your IP?

The @pudgypenguins bible is the ultimate handbook for holders.

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🚨 Attention all Pudgies holders! 🐧

@pudgyMedia and @pudgypenguins just dropped a game-changing workbench to help you build your brand.

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/Use of logo

The Igloo can't be used as is, since it has IP rights but don't worry -

you can still play around with different colors and types.

/Use of Penguin

Although the Ingloo is unique, and might want to use it.

You should aim to make your penguin the centerpiece of your brand.

Ans also be consistent with font, colors, and typeface.

Five things to nail your social media game:

1. Use your penguin to boost brand awareness
2. Make posts that are clean and aesthetic
3. Consistency is key: schedule and post regularly
4. Build a network of friends who will support you
5. Quality content always wins


Get in touch with sub-communities.

Here are 10 you should check out:

- @PudgyAlpha
- @Pudgy_Penguinos
- @PudgyGaming
- @LilPudgyLoves
- @PudgyFitness
- @ChillinPod
- @PudgyCN
- @PudgyPoolClub
- @pudgylicious
- @PudgyAsia
- @PudgyPositivity
- @pudgysportsclub

Introducing @pudgypenguins brand's four Primary colors:

-Sky Blue - 80abff
-Blue Crayola - 477dfd
-Oxford blue - 00142d
-Blizzard Blue - f5fdff

Get ready to add some color to your content!

Check out these seven vibrant secondary colors:
- Light Coral: ff8b8b
- Floral White: fbf7eb
- Lavender Blush: fbe9f3
- Azure: 39f7fb
- Mint Green: a9ff99
- Jasmine: ffe092
- Plum: ffa3ff

Fonts that make the difference:

Titles and headlines - TT Trailers
Paragraphs and large text areas - Menco
Highlighting text - Fobble

They are available for download in their website!

Want to learn how to draw and animate your Pudgy? Look no further than the @pudgypenguins bible.

Inside you'll find everything you need, including:

- 360-degree views
- Different positions
- Holding objects
- Facial expressions

Get ready to bring your Pudgy to life!

Need help building your Pudgy brand? Reach out to the top 6 on the ranks:

- @LucaNetz
- @CryptoCurb
- @JoeyMooose
- @MKSevenn
- @jebus911

They've got you covered.

You can find the Penguin bilbe in the link below

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