How to Avoid Snapping and Keep your cool

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Displaying anger is rarely a good idea.

Of course, some situations call for it; some people simply do not understand anything but that.

But in most cases?

Bad move.

Unless it's calculated to get a message across;

You'll rarely see any benefit from losing your temper.
A lot of people will get on your nerves.

They'll say things and behave in ways that are specifically targeted at making you snap and lose your cool.

Sometimes you'll be seeing things that don't exist.

Yea, we all get that, don't worry.
Now the sane thing to do is to control your anger.

Common sense but easier said than done.

So let's consider this:
-> What starts anger?

The answer is that anger doesn't usually come out of nowhere.

It slowly (or quickly, depending on how you are) escalates until it gets out of control.
If that's exactly what you want to do, then here is what you should implement:

- Focus on saying less:

Express your disagreement in other ways but verbally. The truth is, the first misplaced word we make usually causes a snow ball as once you cross the line?
What's stopping you anymore?


So instead, let's limit the words.

To avoid overspilling and losing control of what you're saying.

Focus on using the fewest words possible.

Trust me, they'll get it.
If you catch yourself saying more than you want to, you will quickly start feeling more and more angry.

Simply put a hard line and say it explicitly.

You don't need to absolutely lose your shit to get your point across.

Another thing to do is to avoid storming out and getting physically intense.

Because; honestly?

You don't look as cool as you see it in your head.

Avoid that.
If you're about to stop putting up with someone's provocations, make sure you give them a fair warning.

Innocent people will either apologize or try the minimum to fix/clear things up.

Manipulators will either completely deny or get confrontational.
That at least gives you a clearer idea of who you're dealing with and how to proceed.

Here is Jordan Belfort doing (almost) exactly what we said:

It may seem like he loses his cool towards the end.

But it is a calculated move as he knew he needed this interview to fix his reputation.

And he did get what he wanted.

Gave a fair warning, she ignored it.

He walked away.
His display of anger was not out of control.

Because he wanted to do the interview but also has to put a hard boundary on what would be talked about.

In cases like these, displaying anger can get you what you want.

Know where your interest lies.

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