7 amazing lessons from @LewisHowes in "The Greatness Mindset":
1. No one is coming to save you

- it starts with you
- stop waiting for others
- you are responsible for you

The sooner you take responsibility, the quicker you can move forward.
2. Achieving greatness is well-rounded

Focusing on just one area won't fulfill you in the long run.

Pay attention to all three areas:

1. business
2. relationships
3. wellness
3. No one has all the skills at the beginning

We are all learning, no matter where we are on the spectrum.

You'll never start if you wait until you know everything, which is impossible if you never start.

Start where you are today.
4. Be a bumbler

A bumbler is on the field trying and failing.

A pointer is in the stands achieving nothing, but jeering.

Try, try, and keep trying even if others don't understand.
5. Thank yourself

Practicing gratitude is huge. When you appreciate each day, your perspective and energy change.

Thanking yourself for your hard work is another level.

Never forget to appreciate you.
6. High five yourself each morning

Meditate to reset your nervous system.

Then, high five yourself to spark your energy positively.
7. Stop listening to your emotions

"Our emotions are data, not directives." - Dr. Susan David

You have the power to engage with your emotional thoughts or to face them and let them go.
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