For those saying writers (most of whom hold 2nd jobs, btw) are "rich," let me put it in a way that may make more sense to you: 1 script made into a film creates btwn 200 & 1000+ jobs. A successful film brings in 100s of millions+ in revenue, $0 of which is shared with the writer.
In my case, films I wrote have generated over $2billion. Studio accounting has us believe NOT ONE is in profit even though they've spawned multiple sequels. Thus I've gotten exactly $0 of my 5% of net points. The residuals I get are only cuz 50 yrs ago writers went on strike.
(Btw, the writers who struck back then for residuals *I* get now did so knowing *they'd* receive *none* of it. Part of their agreement was that what they were striking for would be for those coming *after* them, not them. We really strike not for us, but for the next generation.)
Every film - as with every TV show - is an industry in and of itself. We are essentially building businesses in partnership with the financing entities. How is it fair that the creators and co-creators of these exceedingly lucrative businesses be forced to work as gig workers?
And saying "Oh, they'll do it cuz they love working" is.. disingenuous, at best. Writers will always write for the love & for the art - but we won't do *that* for the studios. We write for studios because of other things we love, like feeding our kids & having, you know, shelter.
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