Nike and Adidas
Clonex and Alts

Both made HUGE announcements but floors are not pumping

Why? 🧵 👇
Alts integrated in confirmed app and will launch the first ever token grated product


RTFKT launched its first ever Air Force collaboration with Takashi Murakami

Huge 👀

But floors are not really pumping.

Because these announcement are directed for the mass adoption.
If you want a short-term pump, make announcements that will appeal to mfer nft, give them announcements related to the metaverse, gaming and mysterious things that hype them

Short therm pump are important for short therm vision holders.
However, these huge innovations are destined for mass adoption
It is a long term pump.

Give ordinary people time to learn what is a wallet and create it.
It take time for random ppl to create a wallet, buying eth then buying a token on opensea. There are technical aspects.

That’s why things will take time but the pump is secured.
I wondering why both floor are not at 50ETH


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