If you ignore these skills, you can't call yourself a leader:
- Communication

Bad leaders avoid tough conversations and leave their team members in the dark.

Great leaders communicate clearly and effectively, even in difficult situations.
- Empathy

Bad leaders ignore their team's needs and concerns.

Great leaders actively listen and empathize with their team members.
- Vision

Bad leaders have no clear vision or direction for their team.

Great leaders articulate a compelling vision and motivate their team to work towards it.
- Decision-making

Bad leaders make hasty decisions without considering long-term impact.

Great leaders weigh the risks and rewards and make informed decisions.
- Adaptability

Bad leaders stick to old ways of doing things even when they no longer work.

Great leaders adapt to changing circumstances and adjust their strategies accordingly.
- Strategic thinking

Bad leaders focus only on short-term goals and tactics.

Great leaders think strategically and anticipate future trends to achieve long-term success.
- Delegation

Bad leaders micromanage and don't trust their team to handle their shit.

Great leaders delegate tasks and empower their team to take ownership of their work.
- Motivation

Bad leaders use fear and intimidation to "motivate" their team.

Great leaders know that inspiration trumps motivation.
- Conflict resolution

Bad leaders ignore conflicts and allow them to fester and spread like a cancer.

Great leaders coach people up or coach them out when they are constantly involved in drama.
Ok that's a wrap.

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