Expanding a 2nd collection in Web3
Does it add more Eyeballs or Dilution? πŸ‘€

Does it do more harm than good to existing holders?

This raises a question, what did these OG collections do their IP expansion? and how did they succeed?πŸ’₯
When there is an expansion of existing IPs in Web3 , what are the consequences?

Generally, in Web3, the OG collection may decrease in value if not executed correctly.

However, there are cases where collections continue to increase in value, making these bluechip πŸ‘€

Mayc was initially a 3 ETH mint and didn't seem to have affected the main collection Bayc FP

However, with the recent surge of new collections from Yuga, it's no longer accurate to say that expanding so many new collection(s) has no impact on the main collection.

2 BeanZ was airdropped to Azuki holders during one of the most irl amazing events ever

"btw, check your wallets" - zagabond

if you haven't seen it, sound on here πŸ”Š

Through this aridrop, Azuki gained a significant amount of new audience and attention, leading to a surge in its FP from 10 to 30 ETH.

Even the beanz (dirt if you remember) was trading at 4eth for the longest time 🫘🫘
and now there are many azuki's speculations that something like this will happen at the vegas event coming up that will be EVEN bigger than the "check your wallets"

Broadening the IP scope is typically advantageous, as it attracts new people to the space

Many projects tend to prioritize short-term goals such as the next drop which tends to dilute the OG collection

Memeland is doing something totally different - its genuis
We must adjust our expectations and adopt a long-term perspective instead of fixating solely on airdrops and FP.

That brings us to Deadfellaz and Deadfrenz
- free to holders, and 0.1eth public mint
I've been holding onto my Deadfrenz and Deadfellaz collections since they were nearly at ATH.

However, since Deadfrenz was initially marketed as a virtual card game and nothing has come to fruition yet, the collection's value has significantly decreased.

so we can see just a normal drop or extension of an exisitng IP does does more hurt to main collection FP if not done well.

wen airdrop?
let's look at cool cats WLTC

Recently launched a new collection: Shadow Wolves, which originates from collection (Fractures).

They were airdropped to holders in Feb, and over the past few months, holders were able to upgrade their Fractures by doing Journeys
In addition, these journeys have introduced the Cool Score system, which provides OGs and active users with cool status and various tiers of memberships. Higher the score, the rarer the shadow wolf 🐺


What makes cool cats and BAYC different as they officially post out there are different tiers and utilities.

with BAYC- MAYC and they had less of an APE coin airdrop.
0n1force's innovative approach was to add the 0n1 frames to the original genesis, essentially doubling the number of NFTs for the owner of the OG.

While this was a cool idea, some holders didn't appreciate it intially because the frames couldn't be sold. πŸ‘ΊπŸ•ΆοΈ

However, this move didn't cause any dilution and provided a fun way to reward holders with something innovative on the blockchain.

Rumors 0n1force may release a token that combines the Cool Cats Cool Score system with the mechanics of Memeland - Captainiz soon πŸ’₯


Moving on to Lil Pudgy, the existing holders received an airdrop soon after Luca Netz acquired it for a staggering 2.5 million dollars.🐧

As a result, the value of OG Pudgy Penguins surged from 0.9 eth to 2 eth immediately and slowly climbed up to 7 eth. πŸ’₯πŸ‘€

Expanding a cartoon brand can increase its recognition, revenue, engagement, and potential,

but it's a double-edged sword. 🐧

If dropped incorrectly, existing holders might fud
If it attracts new fans, it's a BIG winπŸ’₯🌨️

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