In this thread we will breakdown the marketing behind the "De" and how @DeGodsNFT use it to create one cohesive brand.

πŸ”° Influence
πŸ”° Brand Recognition
πŸ”° Simplicity & Memorability
πŸ”° Professionalism
πŸ”° Influence

@frankdegods has always said that the DeLabs projects draw their ideas from the great tech companies before them. No more so than Apple.

In 1998 Apple begun using the term "i" before products names beginning with iMac, then iPod etc.
This made the Apple product identifiable in a very saturated market. The "i" was also designed to make you feel attached to the product. Think "I own".

But how does this translate to "De"?
πŸ”° Brand Recognition

Like Apple, Delabs use "De" with all their new products and launches.

It creates a cohesive brand identity and makes it easier for consumers to recognize and remember the brand in an over saturated web3 marketplace.
πŸ”° Simplicity & Memorability

Part of the power with "De" is how simple it is, and how easy it can fit into any marketing campaign.

It typically replaces the word "The" before a product name.
This allows "De" to become super memorable and easy for the relate to whenever a consumer see's the "De" brand.

It also allows for an easy upscaling of the brand as it can be flexibily fit into any direction the company decides to pivot towards.
πŸ”° Professionalism

One thing that a lot of NFT projects lack is professionalism within marketing their brand.

A consistent naming convention is a sign of professionalism. It shows that the project has a clear branding strategy and takes its image seriously
By demonstrating attention to detail and organization, a consistent naming convention can help build trust and credibility with future holders or even collab partners & vc's.
Overall, in today's saturated web3 market, brand recognition is key.

A consistent naming convention is a simple yet effective strategy for projects to build brand identity, increase customer loyalty, and gain a competitive edge.
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