10 significant lies you're told about leadership.

On communication, decision-making, and team building:
Lie #1: Leaders always know what to do.

Truth: Even great leaders don't have all the answers.

Seeking input and collaborating with others is not a sign of weakness, it's the sign of a good leader.
Lie #2: Good communication is optional.

Truth: Communication is the backbone of leadership.

Great leaders know how to listen, communicate effectively, and build relationships.
Lie #3: Leaders must be in control at all times.

Truth: Leaders who try to control everything will fuck shit up.

Great leaders trust their teams and delegate effectively.
Lie #4: Good leaders always put the company first.

Truth: The best leaders know that their people are their most important asset.

Great leaders prioritize the well-being of their teams and know if they're successful, the company will be, too.
Lie #5: Leaders have all the power.

Truth: Great leaders empower their teams to make decisions and take ownership.

They share decision-making power and give credit to those doing it well.
Lie #6: Leaders are born and rarely made.

Truth: Leadership is a learned skill.

Anyone can become a great leader if that's the intent of their heart.
Lie #7: Leaders must always be confident and never show emotion.

Truth: Vulnerability is a strength.

Great leaders are willing to admit when they don't have all the answers and seek help when needed.

Opening up as a human will 10X the trust of the team as well.
Lie #8: Leaders are always decisive.

Truth: Great leaders know how to weigh options and make informed decisions.

Sometimes this means taking time to gather information and seek input before moving forward.

Good leaders know when they need to sleep on a decision.
Lie #9: Leaders are rarely wrong.

Truth: Great leaders make mistakes and own up to them.

They learn from their failures and use them as opportunities to grow. The best leaders share their failures openly so their team can grow through them as well.
Lie #10: Leadership is all about charisma.

Truth: Charisma only gets you so far.

Leaders who focus on authenticity and empathy build more meaningful connections with their teams than those solely focused on how they look.
10 Lies about leadership:

Leaders are born
Leaders are decisive
Leaders have the power
Leaders know what to do
Leaders are rarely wrong
Leaders must be confident
Leadership are charismatic
Leaders must be in control
Leaders put the company first
Good communication is optional
Ok, that's a wrap.

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