I'm at the bar at the O'Hare Airport Hilton, and being reminded of what a bubble I (now) live in.

Bordello vibe with flamboyant wall paper, nudes, and a chandelier. Pianist singing her heart out on 80s classics. Sassy bartender who's probably a grandmother. My neighbors are…
The nurse just asked for a 'take home' drink (given to her in a plastic cup). The Marine is going back to his room to smoke. There was a time in which most adults were not 'Measured Self' maximizing but in fact boastfully dosing themselves with various poisons and surviving.
The Marine is now flirting with grandma bartender, who put his credit card in her bra on the way to 'the machine'. The pianist has moved on to Joplin tunes. I've resigned myself to Sam Adams as a beer choice.
Grandma went “for a smoke and a pee” and has been replaced by a 20-something in a flapper dress, fishnets, and a bejeweled crucifix who whispers in Russian to the floor server. The pianist has moved on to the Beatles and the drunk to my right is now providing dismissive…
Time to clear out and get back to the startup slog in my room. I’ve already disturbed the vibe by whipping out a laptop at the bar (I once got thrown out of a bar in Boston for doing the same, but a story for a different thread).

Grandma is busy singing with the pianist and…
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