You can't be an effective leader without the ability to influence others.

But, school doesn't teach you how you can influence people.

Here's a Simple Framework to Increase Your Influence:
This thread is based on my conversation with @carlacmiller on the Growth Guide Podcast.

Carla's written an excellent book: Closing the Influence Gap - A Practical Guide for Women Leader's.

If you like what you read you can find the link's to Carla's work in our show notes.
• Perspective Taking

To influence others, you need to:

• Put yourself in their shoes
• Seek to understand their perspective

Rather than make them feel wrong, validate their concerns and objections.

Ultimately, find solutions that work for everyone.
• Communication Styles

When you're dealing with senior leaders, gather information on their:

• Communication styles
• Language preferences

When you mirror their communication style and speak their language, it will help you:

• Build respect
• Establish a connection
• Avoid Perfection

Don't strive for perfection.

Accepting your imperfections can actually make you more likable and relatable.

A professional coach can help you identify and shift your limiting beliefs that drive the urge to work too hard to be perfect.
• Personal Leadership Brand

Women struggle to own their strengths.

They don't state what they're good at due to societal messages.

To improve this,

• Create a personal leadership brand
• Be intentional about how you show up
• Words Matter

Women often use disempowering phrases in meetings, such as:

• Caveatting
• Qualifying statements

Use empowering phrases or ask questions instead of making statements to sound more authoritative.

End strong with powerful body language!
• Authority and Gravitas

Authority and gravitas are important leadership traits that can be developed.

Authenticity and credibility are more important than sounding masculine.

It's about owning your space and being confident and credible.
• Intentional Meeting Approach

Prior to a meeting, it's important to set intentions and visualize how you want to be perceived.

Use Power poses and listen to power music to help boost your confidence.

These actions will make a significant difference in how you’re received.
• Reframe Your Beliefs

Self-doubt and imposter syndrome can hold you back from being a confident leader.

You can access your inner leader when you recognize your inner critic and reframe the beliefs that don’t serve you.
• Radical Responsibility

Radical Responsibility is the hallmark of successful managers and leaders.

Don’t be a victim or a complainer.

Initiate change and proactively solve problems.

Employers highly value job candidates who demonstrate Radical Responsibility.
9 lessons to Increase Your Influence you won't learn in school:

• Words matter
• Reframe beliefs
• Avoid perfection
• Take perspectives
• Radical responsibility
• Communication styles
• Authority and Gravitas
• Personal leadership brand
• Intentional meeting approach
This has been a "cheat sheet" on how to increase your influence in the workplace.

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