I've launched 4 SaaS in 6 months.
And sold 1.

Do you wonder how to start building businesses?

Here's a start:
First, you don't need to be a developer.

Look at @DanKulkov et @sveta_bay , they built Makerbox and earned >$50k without a single line of code in 8 months.

They use no code tools and produce great content.
Before building, think about how you will communicate about it and find users.

I built Cryptopy without a proper channel to communicate around it, it was a fail.

Later, I launched Unrealme with 10k followers, I got 30 sales in a week.

See the difference?
Marketing is important, build without marketing usually fails.

Success like @bueno_tweet without marketing are exceptions.
Don't wait for a perfect product to communicate around it.

Build a MVP (limited features, a simple google sheet with value etc), if you see traction: improve it. Otherwise move on.

Read @tibo_maker 's words:

At first it's difficult, you have to learn a lot (tools, language, marketing, design, legal etc) but the more you learn, the faster you could launch a next product.

I didn't know how to build and deploy an app a few months ago, now I'm able to build an app in a few days.
Be friends with other builders. They can understand & help you. They are awesome.

Twitter can be a start. I met @Mans_JS @guillaume_rygn @PellegrinPierre... here.

Or attend meetups.

In Paris, there's the one of @cuireuncroco with @JhumanJ , @PierreDeWulf , @julesmaregiano ...
I hope this will help a few of you to start entrepreneurship.

Please, share/like the thread if you find it useful to spread the words.

Lastly, know more about a few persons I mentioned, read my blog:
- Unrealme's story, my first acquired project from the idea to the acquisition:
- Dan & Sveta, who went from from 0 to $50k in <1 year:
- Tarek, from 0 to $6k MRR in 2 years without marketing (but not proud of), with an amazing Shopify app:
- Jean who build Mailmeteor with 5 millions users
- Mansour, the person who didn't know how to code last year, and is now a developer and built 2 products:
And Guillaume, who made a huge growth on Twitter by going from 34 to 10k followers in a week, and who went from Finance to dev world and build products as well.
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