There are several NLP tasks.

Here are the most common ones, with example demos🔥:

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1️⃣ Named Entity Recognition

Named Entity Recognition is the task of extracting and locating named entities in a sentence. The entities include people's names, locations, organizations, etc.

Check out this demo 👇🏻
2️⃣ Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis determines whether a certain sentence is positive or negative.

Check out this demo 👇🏻
3️⃣ Question Answering

Given a context and question, a Question Answering model provides an answer to the given question.

Question-answering models are helpful in retrieving answers quickly from large texts.

Check out this demo 👇🏻
4️⃣ Text Classification

Text Classification involves assigning a label to a given text. For example, sentiment analysis is an example of a text classification use case.

Check out this demo 👇🏻
That's it for today.

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