ChatGPT is free education.

But 99% don’t know the best prompts on its virtual campus.

Here are the top prompts to accelerate your learning:
1. Leverage the Pareto Principle for learning

Prompt: "Identify the 20% of [topic or skill] that will yield 80% of the desired results and provide a focused learning plan to master it."
2. Utilize the Feynman Technique for deeper understanding

Prompt: "Explain [topic or skill] in the simplest terms possible as if teaching it to a complete beginner.

Identify gaps in my understanding and suggest resources to fill them."
3. Optimize learning through interleaving

Prompt: "Create a study plan that mixes different topics or skills within [subject area] to help me develop a more robust understanding and facilitate connections between them."
4. Implement spaced repetition for long-term retention

Prompt: "Design a spaced repetition schedule for me to effectively review [topic or skill] over time, ensuring better retention and recall."
5. Develop mental models for complex concepts

Prompt: "Help me create mental models or analogies to better understand and remember key concepts in [topic or skill]."
6. Experiment with different learning modalities

Prompt: "Suggest various learning resources (e.g., videos, books, podcasts, interactive exercises) for [topic or skill] that cater to different learning styles."
7. Harness the power of active recall

Prompt: "Provide me with a series of challenging questions or problems related to [topic or skill] to test my understanding and improve long-term retention."
8. Use storytelling to enhance memory and comprehension

Prompt: "Transform key concepts or lessons from [topic or skill] into engaging stories or narratives to help me better remember and understand the material."
9. Implement a deliberate practice routine

Prompt: "Design a deliberate practice routine for [topic or skill], focusing on my weaknesses and providing regular feedback for improvement."
10. Harness the power of visualization

Prompt: "Guide me through a visualization exercise to help me internalize [topic or skill] and imagine myself successfully applying it in real-life situations."
That's 10 of the most powerful ChatGPT prompts for accelerated learning.

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