Intel co-founder Gordon Moore has died at the age of 94.

Some called him Silicon Valley’s quiet revolutionary.

Here’s more on the story behind Moore’s Law… 🧵
Moore was seen as a pioneer.

Pioneers used to discover new lands.

In Moore’s case, he helped uncover the power of semiconductors.

And in 1965, he was asked to make a 10-year prediction about his industry:

Here’s a look at the chart he made…

…versus what actually transpired:
That progress helps explains this…

70 years ago:                 Today:

2 MB                                  1 TB
And it helped set Intel up for decades of industry dominance:

Moore had the good fortune of working with another visionary, Robert Noyce.
Here’s a prediction from Noyce himself more than 40 years ago:

Today, many wonder about ChatGPT and the future of artificial intelligence.

Moore’s Law has influenced the new visionaries, who think about that…

…such as Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang:

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