I'm really interested in the ability of AI like Midjourney to amplify artistic intelligence.

I've always been terrible at visual arts. Can't draw, can't paint, no instinct for design, or colors. Total black box for me.

So, I thought: Could Midjourney help me w/ interior design?
I really like leather-and-whiskey man cave vibes.

But I have no idea how to illustrate that, or describe what I like in detail.

So I gave Midjourney really basic instructions and it made this.
My wife likes sunken living rooms and neutral colors.

I barely even know what those things are.

But I can just type "/imagine: sunken living room with neutral colors" and get this.
Or how about a great room with bohemian textures and eclectic-global colors?

Lol like I even know what I'm talking about when I use those words.

Still made this in 7 seconds.
A baby's room with jungley aesthetics or bright floral pastels.

I am literally an idiot typing random words I barely understand into a Discord bar.

These images popped out.
I don't think the implications here are immediately obvious.

1. This is f*cking amazing? Midjourney expands my unvelt, giving me synesthetic intelligence I previously lacked.

2. I am a FRAUD, synthesizing what might pass for interior decorating expertise with minimal effort!
Great Q!

One advantage over Google is that you can specify things like room size and introduce the existence of furniture you already own.

Say, you're filling out a 10x10 room with a back window, carrying over an old grey couch, and want to add neutrals

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Great thread. I've always thought that design would be one of the most important applications of generative AI.