1/ 🧵A deep dive into how @Greenpeace has lied & exaggerated facts over the years, hindering technology advancement.
Here's a breakdown of some key events, controversies, and how the organization's management practices contradict its mission.
2/ 🌐 Greenpeace is known to have spread misinformation on various topics like nuclear energy [1], GMOs [2], and its controversial Indian Government stand [3]. They often present a one-sided view, ignoring scientific evidence that contradicts their narrative.
3/ ✈️ Greenpeace management has been criticized for its own carbon footprint, with senior staff flying extensively for work and personal trips [4]. This hypocrisy goes against their fight for reduced emissions.
4/ 🛢️ In 1995, Greenpeace lied about the Shell oil storage buoy Brent Spar, claiming it contained 5,500 tons of oil. Later, it was found to contain just 75 tons. This led to widespread criticism & loss of credibility [5].
5/ 📱 The 2006 Greener Electronics Campaign ranked companies based on their use of hazardous substances. Critics argued that Greenpeace exaggerated facts & failed to consider the economic impact of their demands [6].
6/ 🇬🇱 Greenland indigenous issues: Greenpeace opposed seal hunting, crucial to the Inuit people's survival, causing socio-economic damage to their communities. The organization later apologized for the harm they caused [7].
7/ 💥 Nuclear energy lying: Greenpeace has consistently opposed nuclear energy, often exaggerating its dangers. For example, they falsely claimed that 200,000 people died due to the Chernobyl disaster, while the actual number is around 4,000 [8].
8/ 🧬 GMO lying: Greenpeace has spread misinformation about GMOs, ignoring the scientific consensus that they're safe for human consumption & can benefit agriculture [2]. This has contributed to fear & opposition against GMOs.
9/ 🇮🇳 Indian Government controversy: Greenpeace faced allegations of interfering in India's domestic affairs and was accused of stalling development projects. This led to the freezing of their assets in 2015 [9].
10/ 💸 Mismanagement of funds in June 2014: Greenpeace lost €3.8 million in donations due to a failed currency speculation. This raised questions about their financial management & accountability [10].
11/ 🌲 Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace, left the organization after it began opposing technologies like GMOs & nuclear energy, which he believes can help solve environmental issues [11].
12/ ☠️ Recently, Greenpeace has targeted #Bitcoin, following controversial funding from Chris Larsen [12]. This raises questions about their motivations.
There's ample evidence of Bitcoin's environmental benefits some found below:
So good to see this coming from the amazing artist that built the sculpture to Greenpeace

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