PFAS really scare me (aka polyfluoroalkyl substances)

recently found out these chemicals are present in everything like

- tap water
- non-stick cooking pans
- food delivery packaging.

went deep on the dangers and how to protect from them:
PFAS are called “forever chemicals”

because they’re unnatural compounds that our bodies didn’t evolve mechanisms to filter out

and the half-life of many of them are around 5 years

(the time it takes for the chemical concentration in the body to be reduced by 50%)
which means it can take up to 25 years for our bodies to fully process them,

that’s 30% of a lifetime.
the literature is still evolving, but the prevailing belief is they get stuck in our organs and blood stream

contributing to systemic inflammation and disease
the highest profile PFAS exposure involved people living near a military base called Camp Lejeune

groundwater had 3400x the permissible limit and tens of thousands got rare cancers
the EPA is only now introducing legislation to reduce PFAS in our water supply

here’s some things i’ve already done to reduce my PFAS exposure:

- filtering all tap/shower water with @BerkeyFilters
- replacing all nonstick cookware with steel
- boycotting takeout containers and eating at home
- avoiding butter and foods wrapped in foil
2 more things i've done to reduce PFAS exposure:

- replacing traditional dental floss with natural silk
- getting regular monthly blood draws to remove PFAS

(yes, this really seems to work)
things that affect your PFAS exposure:

drinking water is by far #1

plus lifestyle, diet, and proximity to point sources 👇
i don't have all the answers but this is working for me


1) filter all tap water
2) replace nonstick cookware with steel
3) cook at home
4) no more foil
5) natural silk > dental floss
6) monthly blood draws to remove PFAS 🩸💉

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