I spent 7 hours distilling the core topics of Atomic Habits

Just in 5 minutes, you will learn the 10 best advice for habits that optimize your daily routine and maximize your success:
Start with small habits:
• Choose a habit that is easy to perform.
• Set a specific time and location to perform the habit.
• Use a habit tracker to measure your progress and keep yourself accountable.
Use environment design:
• Use visual cues to remind yourself to do the habit.
• Modify your environment to make it easier to perform the habit.
• Identify any obstacles that could prevent you from doing the habit.
Use temptation bundling:
• Use the temptation as a reward for completing the habit.
• Choose a temptation that aligns with your values and goals.
• Pair the habit with the temptation to make it more enjoyable.
Make habits enjoyable:
• Find ways to make the habit fun or engaging.
• Use gamification techniques to increase motivation.
• Focus on the benefits and intrinsic rewards of the habit.
Use habit stacking:
• Build a habit stack by adding new habits one at a time.
• Pair a new habit with an existing one to increase consistency.
• Use specific implementation intentions to clarify when and where to perform the habit.
Focus on the process, not the outcome:
• Break down the habit into small, specific actions.
• Track your progress regularly and celebrate your successes.
• Develop a habit identity by linking your actions to your desired self-image.
Use social accountability:
• Use public accountability by sharing your progress on social media.
• Find an accountability partner or group to share your habit journey with.
• Get support and encouragement from others who share your habit goals.
Create a habit loop:
• Reframe the cue to help you build a new habit.
• Identify the cue, routine, and reward of the habit.
• Experiment with different routines to find what works best.
Make habits part of your identity:
• Focus on building a habit identity over time.
• Choose habits that align with the person you want to become.
• Use affirmations and visualization to reinforce your habit identity.
Use habit tracking:
• Set a specific goal for the habit and measure your progress towards it.
• Celebrate your progress and use positive reinforcement to stay motivated.
• Use a habit tracker to record your performance and identify areas for improvement.
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