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[artwork from "The birth of Sculpture" collection]

*AI, new technologies and art*

The artist who wants to create using new technologies must both master and being able to manipulate the technology.
It cannot be that the technology dominates the artist,controls her/him, and decides for the artist. Used in this way AI is simply reduced to a technology that has control over the outcome; it is the AI that controls the artist.
It creates a modified copy of a copy of a copy...still a copy. When AI techniques, as well as any new technology, are instead controlled and dominated by the artist, they offer aesthetic and conceptual possibilities that are very interesting, really opening to new paths.
They are certainly new tools for art. Artist needs to break old rules to create new ones, find new ways of expression. Art is curiosity, Leonardo said, it is a process of trial and error ad infinitum.
When these two elements are missing, there will be no art, but copies, perhaps even successful ones,but nothing more and they will be quickly erased from history.
To finish, to enlightening quotes, from Leonardo and Francesco Borromini.

"The painter who portrays by practice and judgment of eye without reasoning, Is like the mirror,
which in itself imitates all things set against itself, without cognizance of them." Leonardo
"Those who follow others never go forward. And I certainly would not set myself to this profession with the purpose of being only a _copyist_ " (Francesco Borromimi)

Thanks for reading...if you got to this point :-)


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Great thread. Fully agree on this. I talked about this in a space, but more from a painters perspective. If you look at something to paint, it gets process in your head (mixed with your experiences, background, etc) and creates pure energy. This energy travels through your body…