The @WhiteHouse just released an Executive Order outlining Bold Goals for US Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing and it's 🔥
4 main themes:

1/ the need to develop more carbon-neutral transportation and stationary fuels

2/ the need to decarbonize the chemicals and materials industries

3/ the need to re-orient our animal and plant agriculture systems around sustainability

4/ the need for CO2 removal
It set's incredible goals!

1/ In 20 years, 90% of plastics from bio-based recyclable-by-design polymers!

2/ By 2030, significantly reduce methane emissions from livestock!
3/ "In 20 years, produce at least 30% of the U.S. chemical demand via sustainable and cost-effective biomanufacturing pathways." (paging @solugen!)

4/ In 20 years, decrease the manufacturing cost of cell-based therapies 10-fold. (paging @multiplylabs!)
And 5/ "In 5 years, sequence the genomes of one million microbial species and understand the function of at least 80% of the newly discovered genes."

The chemicals and materials goals from the White House report could have easily been lifted from @solugen's website.

This is the solar / EV moment for the chemicals industry!
Overall an incredible effort from the White House. Touches a number of super important themes in biomanufacturing and biotechnology. This kind of support from the federal government can have a massive accelerating effect. The future is bright!
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