Someone needs to do Opendoor for EV charging

Either nobody has the guts or there isn't money to be made in EV charging
We get approached by so many companies that want to sell us EV chargers for our parking lots

They all claim we will make $$$$ from selling charging

But they all want us to pay for the up front hardware and install cost
If there was really money to be made, and these companies weren't spineless, then they would pay for the up front cost of hardware and infrastructure and keep the lion's share of the $$$$ they claim there is to be made instead
But the fact that they aren't doing that suggests there either isn't actually that much $$$$ to be made or they're 🐔
My theory is the $$$$ returns just are not there in EV charging

Landlords and Tesla have artificially subsidized the market to everyone's detriment: EV drivers expect cheap or free charging as an amenity
Can you imagine a mall offering free gas to entice drivers to come shop there?

It's insane if you really think about it, but somehow this became the default mindset for EVs
And so there aren't returns to be made in EV charging until the market returns to sanity

CRE investors really don't have a high bar for ROI... like they get excited for 4-6% NOI per year

So the fact that EV chargers still aren't massively installed suggests they can't even…
Which is why all the EV charging companies just want to sell you the hardware and a dream instead of financing the EV revolution themselves
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