Essential skills needed for Business Analyst

Practice these 3 and land a job!

1/ Excel

It's very important to know how to use excel when it comes to business-related tasks

Using a lot of different functions for a lot of processes

Handy and makes it easy to communicate with other teams
2/ Visualisation Tools

Knowing how to use at least one data visualization tool very well is a must

While you can make also make visualizations in excel, the dashboards aren't interactive

Here are some tools you can learn:

3/ Powerpoint Presentations

An integral part of any business-related role is the ability to make great presentations

Present the data and insights in a way it will reach the upper management is key
Storytelling, Communication, and Presentation are all important soft skills required apart from learning technical skills.

As a business role, there is an expectation of being able to express the ideas in a concise and professional manner,
That's a wrap!

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