Want to Use GPT-4 for FREE?

With the help of the GPT-4-powered Microsoft Bing chatbot, you can now!

I will demonstrate my findings with the GPT-4 Free version in this thread.
1 - I asked the chatbot to build a straightforward landing page, and it provided me with the precise code I requested.

here's the response and output :
2 - The chatbot was then asked to describe the Clustering algorithm succinctly, and it did so better than ChatGPT.
3 - In contrast to ChatGPT, it even clarifies more when asked and keeps the conversation going.
4 - Finally, and most importantly, it writes a Tamil song for AR Rahman to perform😲😁.

Seriously, I'm making the switch to Microsoft Bing from Google!!!
That's a wrap! & Thank you for Reading

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Very informative thread Santhosh! 👏