"The way Deeyah Khan responded, to being trolled by white supremacists... was to move to the USA and meet white supremacists. She gave white supremacists a safe place to be heard.

She realized that screaming, yelling, and spitting at people isn't the solution. At the point they feel heard, they are willing to listen back. They then struggled to reconcile their racist views with the fact that they trust her and see her as a friend. One by one, they dropped out of the movement." - Simon Sinek

"The lesson Deeyah learned is that the victim often has to go first. The victim should not have to... but how will they see the light if they don't have an experience that helps them see it?" - SS

"In a relationship, one has to go first. If you have a debate, an argument, or a fight, one has to say, "I'm sorry" even if the other person is wrong. What happens when both parties stand on the sides going you have to go first and I refuse?" - SS

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