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Best things to watch over summer

If you are bored in the summer and looking for new tv series to kill the boredom, this list is for you.

If you are interested in the topic of justice and suffering from boredom, you will find this anime relatable.

This gem of an anime is about existential crises mixed with Freudian character analysis that illustrates the complexities of the self.

It is a fun animation to watch with amazing world-building and good character writing about a funny outlook fantasy geek in a PG fantasy world.

It is about two twins discovering abnormalities in their mysterious town with my all-time favorite villain in it (Bill Cipher).

It is about life in hell and hell's hierarchy with a perfect animation quality along with world-building

It is about witches manipulating higher-ups to make their enemies kill each other filled with betrayal and drama.

The perfect ballet anime about a duck becoming a prima ballerina that gives major feelings.

About how humans interact think and act while trying to be better people in the afterlife.

Animation about a world where people can manipulate 4 elements and destiny that needs to be fulfilled.