1/ Some thoughts on recent results in the stock market. If you are an investor (as opposed to a speculator) remember that you are buying partial stakes in *businesses.* Would you be comfortable owning the business for years to come if there were no stock price?
🧵 It's every investor's dream to make a 10-bagger (a stock that goes up tenfold), or even a 100-bagger (a stock that goes up 100x).

In this thread we will learn you how to identify multibaggers together with 104 (!) concrete examples.

The economy is trash.

Stocks are jumping off a cliff.

Tech is being annihilated.

However, one industry is booming by 116%.

Here's an overview of the most under-appreciated and unheard-of part of the American economy.

Oh yeah, and they can also exceed FAANG returns.

I’ve talked to a bunch of Founders over the last 6 months about how to operate through an extended downturn.

The punchline: it will be hard, but acting swiftly is going to be the difference between whether or not you survive.

Here’s the framework I am using at my company:

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