To outperform, you need serious problem-solving skills.

Fortunately, these skills can be learned.

THREAD: A simple, powerful mental model for thinking clearly and solving complex problems:
Mental models are the secret to making the best out of the world around you

But there is a million of them...

A guide to my favorite mental models:
Five valuable mental models

1. Gates' Law
2. Parkinson’s Law
3. The Paradox of Choice
4. Hanlon's Razor
5. Leverage

On startups, business, finance, investing, career, life and whatnot.

Here's a quick guide/refresher:
Humans are astonishingly bad at setting goals.

We consistently establish targets that invite manipulation.

THREAD: A mental model on goal setting and unintended consequences:
THREAD: The top 0.1% of ideas I’ve stumbled upon on the internet.

The rabbit holes (without the distractions).

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