I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 10 years, and I’ve learned 10,000 lessons.

If I could go back in time and talk to my younger self, I’d tell him these 10 things:

1. Value time over money. Money comes and goes, but time only goes. Be meticulous about saving it, and buy it back whenever possible.

2. Only start businesses with recurring revenue. It makes everything (starting, scaling, etc) so much easier.
3. Get self-employed ASAP. A salary or 10% commissions won’t make you rich. Employing yourself means getting 100% of the value you create.

4. SaaS is the best business model. Recurring revenue + high retention = $$$. Services and info products are close behind it.
5. If you have conviction, don’t let a setback or two make you give up or pivot to something else. Stick with it.

6. Get initial leverage with one traffic channel, then diversify. It’s the only way to stay safe in the world of online business.
7. The opinions of your customers/clients/users matter 1000x more than outsiders’ opinions. Listen to the people who matter.

8. You can start a software company without writing a line of code. Freelancers and agencies are your friends.
9. You can start a business without a 100%-original idea. Take something that already sells, recreate it, make it better, and sell it.

10. Just try stuff. Have an open mind. Make little bets. Keep showing up every day. Do this long enough, and success is inevitable.
That's everything.

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Great thread Lots of wisdom in here that I wish I’d stumbled on sooner