10 of the best product pages I’ve ever seen (that’ll make you love their product instantly):

The best physical product page out there.

• Tells a story about every piece of hardware
• Simple and clear copy: "sound that cuts out the noise"
• Perfect balance between stats / text / graphics. Nothing is overdone.

B2B pages are normally boring + ugly, but Scale delivers:

• Animations that make the website come alive
• Zero industry jargon that overcomplicates the product
• Embedded demo’s that even non-experts can understand

Taking CO2 from the air and turning it into gas + jet fuel.

• Makes you feel like you are in the future
• Captures their adventure-seeking aura and mission
• Delivers a journey like you are traveling through a comic book on mars

Building clinically studied probiotics for human health.

• Minimalist product placement
• Captures the beautiful relationship between humans and nature
• Beautiful balance between conveying their scientific expertise + consumer benefits

A PFP project building a brand for the metaverse.

• Beautiful animations of their Azuki NFTs
• Theme song embedded as you explore the website
• Compelling manifesto page that builds on the mission

A software engineer´s portfolio.

• A mix of metaverse + early 1980s nostalgia
• Loading page creates intrigue and anticipation
• 3-D interactive desk + computer where you can explore projects + experience

The site with the best vibes on the internet:

• Interactive floating tabs / apps / links
• Transports you to 1990s Amalfi Coast sipping a Martini
• The best example of how to display all your products without forcing sales

Where TikTok sells their ads.

• Captures the effect TikTok has on culture
• Targeted resources for agencies, large businesses, and creators
• Stats that make it impossible to say no (92% of users act after watching TikToks)

The best camera on market for solo cinematographers.

• Caters to their customers - gets nerdy about the specs
• Live-action shots of cinematographers in action
• Makes you feel the power of the camera via the copy

Drinks to enhance your mood.

• The best copy I’ve seen for a DTC brand: “we canned a feeling”
• Color scheme is a perfect match with the brand goal of helping you feel “cool, calm and collected”
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