New Kvetch: The Heroes We’re Allowed

Moses, Daenerys, Hercules, Jack the Pumpkin King, Walter White: the Christian ethic of modern heroes and the suppression of the Will to Power

Inspired by a convo between @RichardHanania and @pmarca
We cannot have our good Great Man. Just degenerate low-life mafiosos, drug pins and skeleton kings

Only bad guys have plans, and guys who have plans are bad

Good guys can only foil. They are not allowed Great Visions
Breaking Bad may be the most interesting example of this
I have a semi-heretical theory that Daenerys is modelled after Moses - I dive deep on how

@ZoharAtkins as discussed!
Is Jack the Pumpkin King our Great Man?

Almost... I go deep into my favourite musical and why, whilst so close, we are still denied our Hero
The only Heroes we're allowed: Sports stars (sorry @Cernovich)

The transcendence of obsession. The knife fight at the frontier of engineering prowess. Masters brushing death in pursuit of their craft. The raw male compulsion to win. The same id that propelled man to the moon

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Phenomenal post that puts its finger on something. Why do we tend to only have indefinite optimists, as per Thiel’s framework? Because anyone with a well-thought through plan for change is portrayed as bad. The status quo is good, changing it is bad. Good must be naive.