If you buy individual stocks, you MUST watch their earnings

Here are 9 FREE investing tools that are massive time savers:๐Ÿ“ˆ
1. What companies are reporting this week?

@FINVIZ_com makes it easy to find out

Screener โ†’ Earnings Date --> This Week

I like to sort by market cap
2. What numbers is Wall Street expecting?

@SeekingAlpha's earnings section has TONS of great information

Ticker โ†’ Earnings โ†’ Upcoming Quarter Earnings
3. How do I find the earnings?

Search the companyโ€™s name + โ€œinvestor relationsโ€

Companies like $TSLA provide presentations, webcasts, earnings releases, and more
4. Prefer to listen to earnings calls on the go?

@Quartr_App makes it easy

Their free app allows you to pause, rewind, & speed up the call -- a HUGE time saver
5. Want to read the transcript?

@theTIKR has TONS of free transcripts from earnings & investor meetings

Ticker โ†’ Transcript โ†’ Most recent
6. Whatโ€™s next for the company's financials?

@simplywallst has a cool visualization section

You can see expectations for growth in revenue, net income, free cash flow, and more

Enter Ticker --> Future Growth
7. Prefer Twitter?

These accounts share useful earnings information:

8. Prefer video summaries?

My YouTube channel is here to help

We tell you everything you need to know in <10 minutes

(Just click the "earnings" playlist)
9. Looking for more analysis & opinions?

@JoinCommonstock has a community of investors who openly share information & analysis with each other
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Resource Summary:

1. Finviz
2. SeekingAlpha
3. Company's Investor relations
4. Quartr
5. Tikr
6. SimplyWallSt
7. Twitter
8. My Youtube channel
9. Commonstock

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Awesome resources, thanks for sharing Brian ๐Ÿ”ฅ