The average person spends 6+ hours per day on their phone

That’s 25% of your life!

To change habits you have to change your situation

3 steps to make your phone 90% less addictive in under 15min 👇🧵
Charge your phone in a separate room.

NOT your bedroom or bathroom! I use my office.

@nireyal recommended this in his book Indistractable.

It’s an instant habit shifter.

By keeping your phone away from your bed, you’ll sleep better and wake up faster.
@nireyal Go grayscale!

You will use your phone less if it doesn’t have colors

Kills TikTok, IG, and YouTube - Twitter is still pretty usable

For iOS: Settings > general > accessibility > accessibility shortcut > color filters
For Android: Swipe down > pen icon > add Grayscale to tiles
@nireyal Turn notifications off

You’ve heard this before — because IT WORKS!

Turn off any and all notifications unless they are vital

It takes 20+ mins to recover your focus after each ping, so this alone can cause massive productivity gains…
@nireyal Combining these three shifts will help you reclaim hours from your phone every day.

1. Charge your phone away from your bed
2. Turn off notifications
3. Use Grayscale

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Great thread here on not letting the phone dominate our life!