I played (warmed the bench) on the best college lacrosse team in the country.

And honestly, it wasn't a smooth ride.

I went from sick, injured, and the worst player to a Most Improved award.

But it changed my approach to life.

Here are 8 lessons that may change you too🧵
Hurt vs. Injured

In sports, hurt means you aren't 100% healthy but can play in a game.

Injured means you have a broken bone and there is no way you can play.

Life is about being at your best when hurt.

No situation is perfect just like no athlete is ever 100% healthy
O.N.E - Only Need Everybody

Great teams are built from the bottom up.

Some players are good but will never be superstars.

But they push the superstars to improve every single day or lose their position.

It kills complacency.

And creates a culture of growth.
1% Better

Every single day you are either getting better or worse.

When you skip a workout or give up early, you get worse.

But you don't need to be a hero.

Just a dedicated focus to improve 1% every single day.
F.E.E.D - F*ck Everything Else and Dominate

You can make a million excuses.

"It's cold. It's raining. I'm hurt."

But blocking outside circumstances and focusing on the process unlocks opportunity.

The chance to dominate your next opportunity.
Leave No Stone Unturned

You can practice and prepare all you want but losing is inevitable.

You will lose games, clients, and jobs.

But the key is to leave knowing there is nothing more you could do.

You leave 0 doubt and will have 0 regret.
No One Cares

Beyond family and your closest friend, no one actually cares about you.

And this is incredibly freeing.

It means no one is thinking about you.

So don't make life decisions based on what others will think.
It's Always Your Fault

Sports teach you to radically accept responsibility.

And when you do it, you are free.

You have no one else to blame but yourself.

And no one else to rely on to make your dreams come true.
🔴 I'm saving the best lesson for last 🔴

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Great thread, Chris, and this is why we so many athletes succeed on this platform. The drive, grit and deliberate practice it takes to succeed in athletics carries itself to succeed on Twitter. Keep up the good work 🤝