I asked, “What are the best resources for understanding Web 3.0?”

I received 73 AMAZING answers.

These 10 FREE resources will get you up to speed fast:
First, a quick overview:

Web 1: Read-only
Companies Create & Companies Profit

Web 2: Read/Write
People Create & Companies Profit

Web 3: Read/Write
People Create & People Profit
2: Article:

@cdixon on why decentralization matters

@cdixon?p=5e3f79f7638e' target='_blank'>
3: Youtube:

WhiteboardCrypto channel

Lots of great videos that simply explain blockchain, NFTs, proof of work, and more
4: Podcast:


Tons of great episodes that dive deep into the subject

They also have a useful substack, too
9: Web

The @a16z list of crypto resources
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There are TONS of other useful resources in the full thread

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What other great resources exist?

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