Fears of another liquidity crisis have entered the mainstream, with many people guessing what will cause the next financial upheaval. Right now, all triggers have been suppressed, but not for long. The Great Liquidity Squeeze™ is upon us... 1/
Bond markets are growing increasingly unstable, and many have warned of a "sovereign debt crisis" unfolding. But monetary leaders now possess numerous tools to prevent a disaster. The Great Sovereign Debt Intervention™ is upon us... 1/
After the most euphoric January in recent history, hopes of a new bull market have arisen. But the latest market bonanza has set the stage for increased intervention. The Great Financial Tightening™ is about to begin... 1/
The most critical shift in finance has been playing out behind the scenes: The power to price trillions of dollars in financial assets, once held by bankers, is almost in the hands of the Federal Reserve. Now, its powers are set to increase... 1/
The Federal Reserve has initiated the ultimate rug pull, but trillions in excess liquidity has stemmed any major turmoil. Yet eventually, the Fed will not only need to intervene but expand its operations globally to preserve the status quo... 1/
The U.S dollar is wreaking havoc globally, and it's only just starting to pick up momentum. You'd have thought by now that other nations would have bailed from its hegemony. But in reality, there's no way out... 1/
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