1/ Why is “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) an early threat to trillions of dollars of market cap - Visa (almost $500B), MasterCard ($350B), card issuing banks, acquiring banks/services (Fiserv, FIS, Global Payments, etc)?
1/ Thread: How to sell your company

Companies are (almost always) bought, not sold. This means somebody needs to *want to buy* your company.

Ideally this happens organically. But how do you, as a founder/CEO, expedite this…particularly when you KNOW you’re hitting a wall?
1/ How a company I co-founded (TrialPay) once exited the Catch 22 of “can’t raise cash without growth; can’t grow without raising cash” which is potentially the most “unsolvable” (Kobayashi Maru) situation a VC-backed company can face
1/ Many areas of financial services have “stochastic margins” per widget, but hopefully (obviously!) positive margins for the whole batch of widgets sold - unlike most manufacturers, with fixed/declining COGS at scale. This means many things when you build a “financial” business
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